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Sony VAIO VGN-FW350J/B 16.4-Inch Laptop Review

Sony VAIO VGN-FW350J/B Technical Details:

* Portable multimedia powerhouse in black with extra-wide 16.4-inch screen, Dolby Sound Room audio, and HDMI output

* 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 processor, 320 GB hard drive, 4 GB RAM (8 GB max), and Blu-ray read/write drive (plus DVD/CD burner)

* Quad-mode Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth (with stereo A2DP), Gigabit Ethernet, and Intel 4500MHD graphics (1750 MB shared)

* Connectivity: three USB 2.0, one FireWire, ExpressCard/34 slot, Memory Stick/SD card readers, HDMI A/V out, VGA monitor output

* Pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium (SP1, 64-bit) and Sony multimedia software

Price: $1,010.99 on


This is a great laptop in terms of performance and price. Firstly, it comes with a very clear display and huge laptop wide speakers that provide a great user experience.

It also comes with a big hard drive of 320 GB, and has 4 GB of RAM plus a Blue Ray Read/Write drive. The Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 processor is great even though not the best available on the market. This computer allows you to play most games, and comes with a lot of useful capabilities like Bluetooth, Quad-Mode Wi-Fi, HDMI out, 3 USB 2.0 ports, and memory stick/card reader.


A little too big, so it may be uncomfortable for some to carry around. Also, it comes pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 and it is incompatible with certain pieces of software.

At the incredible price of just $1,010.99, this laptop is great for personal and work use, making it a real bargain.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Apple MacBook Pro MB604LL/A 17-Inch Laptop Review

Apple MacBook Pro MB604LL/A Technical Details:

* Built-in lithium-polymer battery. Up to 8 hours of wireless productivity.

* NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT discrete graphics processor and NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated graphics processor; Glossy display

* 320GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard drive; 512MB of GDDR3 memory

* 4GB of 1066MHz DDR3 memory; two SO-DIMM slots support up to 8GB

* SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)

Price: $2,794.00 on


This great looking laptop has a 17 inch screen, is thinner and lighter than its predecesors and more stronger and durable, while it weighs only 6.6 pounds - battery included. The battery lasts longer, and the new NVIDIA graphics card makes for a great display, making even the most demanding games to work like a treat.

The display screen looks incredible, covered with a pane of glass that makes it look shiny and much more reflective as previous generations.

Concerning battery life, the built-in lithium-polymer battery allows an incredible 8 hours of wireless usage, making this one of the best batteries on a laptop computer today.

The overall technical details make this for an incredible choice whether you want to use it for playing the latest games, watching HD movies, or for internet browsing.


It does come with a lot of sample software, and some may be annoying or simply useless for your needs. Also, the price can be a bit steep at $2,794.00 although if you can afford it, we strongly advise you purchase this computer.

Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Friday, January 19, 2007

Best Computer Buy – Top 4 Notebooks/PC’s - Quick Reviews(Hover on the links for pictures and full configuration)

Sony VAIO VGN-FS660Notebook is one of the best one’s from Sony. It is a good laptop for gamers as well as for business purposes. It is a very powerful notebook and comes equipped to satisfy most customers. Good dimensions, appealing design, a very good wireless reception and an impressive display are a plus but the short life-span of the battery(approximately 2 hours) and the fact there are no support CD’s for the notebook are a definite minus.

In my opinion this notebook deserves 4 stars out of 5

Toshiba A105-S4384is a great notebook. A very large hard drive, plenty of RAM and fast movement because of the Core 2 Duo processor. It can be easily used as a primary computer since it comes equipped with everything an office user or a home user might need. A good connectivity, the laptop comes with USB, firewire, mini-ISB port, media-card slot and of course WiFi, and the 4 hours of autonomy make it an extremely attractive device for even the peakiest customers. Also the price is very affordable.

This notebook gets 5 out of 5 stars.

HP Pavilion dv9030usis a very good computer for entertainment. The 17”screen is really good and can be easily read. Also it comes with enough hard-drive space to allow you to use it as an office computer as well as a gamer’s computer. This is an unbelievably powerful system which will do whatever you ask of it with ease. The technical specifications of the notebook talk for themselves and show that this laptop means business. The laptop doesn’t come with Bluetooth and has no HDMI output but this isn’t a disadvantage for many people since not that much use it.

It gets 3 stars out of 5

Compaq Presario Media Center SR1830NX Desktop PCcomes equipped to work in a home environment as well as an office. The technical specifications tell us that we are dealing with a very good PC, capable of running the latest games as well as the most demanding programs out there. AMD's Athlon 64 3500+ processor, 1 GB of RAM and 200 GB hard-drive space assures us that this computer will get us out of anything. A slight problem might be that it does not come with a recovery CD and if you really want to make it fly you will need to spend some time to take out all the preinstalled programs it comes with.

This PC receives 4 out of 5 stars

Thursday, January 18, 2007

6 Tips To Best Computer Buy

Buying a new computer can become a tedious task these days as many of us tend to get confused or simply don’t know how to choose the best computer from the wide range available. Here are 6 tips to best computer buy:

1. The first and logical thing to do is determine exactly where you will be using your computer from. Do you plan to use it at home, or do you travel with business often? After you answer this question you know if you want a desktop computer or a notebook.

2. The next thing to do is determine your budget. There is a wide range of both desktop and notebook computers to choose from so they can cover any budget. Desktop computers can cost anywhere between $500 and $2000 (Note that many sites don’t list the monitor in the cost, so read carefully before clicking the checkout button), while notebooks between $800 - $2000+. Decide on how much money are you willing to spend and continue to the next step.

3. Now it’s time to determine what will you be using the computer for. Are you buying it for your kid to play video games, watch movies or do you plan to use it for work or internet surfing? Of course you can buy a computer and use it for all of those things but for example if you plan to use it just for business then you needn’t buy a computer with the best video card on the market.

4. Are you going to store photos, Microsoft Office documents, mp3 files, video files etc.? You need to think about this to determine what hard drive your computer needs. If you’ll be using it to store photos and Office files then you need something in the range of 60GB but no more. If you plan to store many video and audio files then a 220GB hard drive would be more appropriate.

5. Another very important thing to consider, which many people overlook, is how often do you replace your computer? This is very important because most new computers come with a special OEM license for Microsoft software. As this license cannot be used on any other computers, if you change your computer often then it would be a waste of money to buy each end every one of them with the software and pay for it every time. If you change your computer often it would be wise to purchase a retail copy of the Microsoft software and save money.

6. Buy a ready made computer or create your new computer by selecting all the parts yourself? In my opinion, if you’re a person who changes their computer often then buying a ready made one is the perfect choice for you. If you don’t plan on changing the computer then it would be wise to create it yourself at a local store or even on some sites on the internet. This is because all the big computer companies use proprietary components and if you buy a ready made one it is usually harder to upgrade later.

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